Electrical Installations

We carry out high quality installation of all types of electrical works including Electrical Wiring, Power Distribution Systems.

Solar Power Systems

We undertake supply and installation of solar systems for roof mounting or ground mounted for mini grid and grid connected systems.

Wind Power Systems

We undertake installation of large scale wind turbines for electricity generation in mini grid, isolated grid and grid connected systems.

Hydro Power Systems

We undertake complete hydrological assessment for dams for hydroelectric power generation.

Drilling Services

SEPCO is experienced in drilling of geothermal, oil and gas wells ranging from exploration, field appraisal and production stage during field development stages.

Geothermal Well Testing

SEPCO has been involved in all types geothermal well testing ranging from completion, discharge.

Geothermal Investigations

SEPCO scientists have been involved in surface exploration for geothermal resources for many years.

Steam-field and Power Project Developments

SEPCO is experienced in the design of steam gathering and re-injection system for geothermal resource utilization.

Energy Advisory Services

We provide innovative energy engineering solutions, incorporating energy efficiency, renewable technologies and technical advising, that balance economic, environmental and customer needs.

Energy Audit

We undertake comprehensive energy audits for homes and industrial establishments using certified auditors and approved equipment to recommend cost effective measures for efficient energy utilization.

Project Management

SEPCO is experienced in project planning, project design, preparing project specifications and later carrying out procurement for the same.

Procurement of Specialized Equipment and Services

SEPCO has expertise to undertake procurement of specialized equipment, tools and services for the energy sector.