We provide innovative energy engineering solutions, incorporating energy efficiency, renewable technologies and technical advising, that balance economic, environmental and customer needs.

We help clients understand clean energy options and how to reduce operating expenses, mitigate environmental risk, meet regulatory compliance issues and enjoy competitive advantages.

We help government agencies like hospitals, universities, County Governments, businesses to realize the immediate and long-term benefits of renewables and self-generation through technical assessments as well as solutions that address barriers to clean energy.

With our international partners, we undertake system integration for hybrid systems for mini and micro grids ensuring high level of efficiency and power stability for sensitive installations. We also undertake energy audits and advice on energy saving solutions including adopting renewable energy to save costs.

We evaluate potential for solar/wind micro-grid systems for businesses looking to replace expensive diesel back-up generators and reduce reliance on power supplied by the national utility. In addition, we advise on solar mini-grid for small communities in remote areas where possibility of grid expansion is remote in the near future.

We advise on investment on renewable energy for utility scale generated power (IPPs) or distributed generation. We evaluate appropriate technology, financing and partnerships, expected returns and permitting and compliance.

Our expertise covers:

  • Geothermal
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hybrid
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Hydros
  • Biomass
  • Grid Study
  • Electricity Transmission and Distribution